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sample workshops
Paint Explorations with Natural Dyes and Pigments
Immersive and exploratory workshops creating paints from natural dyes and pigments, including minerals, bugs, and flowers, and employing diverse water-based paint binders, grounds, and techniques. Explore natural colors, such as malachite, cochineal, purple iris flowers, buckthorn berries, indigo, and oak gall with a focus on their uses in painting; supports including a range of hand and machine-made papers, panel, fabric, and canvas; and water-based binders such as gum arabic, rabbit skin glue, PVA, egg white and egg yolk tempera.

Critical feedback for artists. Currently running 7 groups in 3 cities- The Crit Lab offers rigorous, critical, supportive feedback akin to a graduate-level seminar in small ongoing artist groups. Asking ethical and aesthetic questions, we situate artworks in a social context, engage materials in their own language, and preserve the inchoate nature of the creative process. The Crit Lab is for artists serious about critical feedback on their work. I also offer one-on-one critical and professional mentoring for working artists. 
Led by Patricia Miranda

professional practice
Strategic planning, artist statements, grant and proposal Writing, including hands-on workshop of statements, organizing documentation, files and images, curating portfolios, researching opportunities and more. After teaching professional practice in undergrad and grad programs for fifteen years I currently offer independent workshops and on-on-one mentoring with working artists, and for Northern Manhattan Arts Alliance (NoMAA). Check out info on booking at

Community St John the Baptist
Painting Retreat

For many years I led painting retreats at Community St. John Baptist, a lovely Episcopal convent monastery in Mendham NJ. The workshops take place in the historic  retreat house, and include room and board. The nuns are wonderful, and the order has a history of liturgic arts, an amazing library, wonderful art, and beautiful grounds. See more info about the convent at their website
I travel! Workshops may also be arranged anytime and anywhere. Together we can develop a program tailored for the needs of your organization, studio or community.
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Open Figure Drawing Sessions
Portfolio Review
Intro to Aural Electronics for Artists with Christopher Kazcmarek
Painting Methods with Patricia Miranda