Nurturing Nature: Artists Engage the Environment

Nurturing Nature: Artists Engage the Environment

Nurturing Nature: Artists Engage the Environment 

February 10 – April 16, 2011

Reception and Gallery Talk on Thursday February 10, 7pm

Curated by:
Amy Lipton, Director of ecoartspace, New York City
Patricia Miranda, Director of OSilas Gallery

Artists: Eva Bakkeslett, Vaughn Bell, Susan Benarcik, Michele Brody Jackie Brookner, Linda Bryne, Xavier Cortada, Sonja Hinrichsen, Basia Irland, William Meyer, Maria Michails, Roy Staab, Joel Tauber

For the past several decades environmentalists have foreseen an impending disaster of epic proportions if and when the planet becomes truly unable to sustain life. Our basic life support systems of clean water, air and soil continue to diminish at an alarming rate, species are disappearing. The artists in Nurturing Nature: Artists Engage the Environment, are focused on healing our relationship with the living eco-system, recognizing that our very existence depends upon its survival. Their works attempt to bridge the gap between art and life by raising an appreciation of the natural world and by engaging in a collaborative or nurturing process with nature. This exhibition will focus on various spiritual or ethical traditions in relationship to our care of the planet, what Christianity terms “stewardship”, Tikkun Olam or “repair the world” in Judaism and in Buddhism, “compassion for all sentient beings”.

The artists in Nurturing NatureArtists Engage the Environment will present works that focus on the healing and reverence of our planet in both a physical and metaphysical sense. The theme is a synthesis of our post-Newtonian age with earlier or proto-scientific ages, which referenced an even more ancient prehistoric time when art and nature were not so clearly distinct from one another.

Additional images from the exhibition available upon request.

Gallery Events

Living Arts Family Festival!
Saturday April 9, 11AM – 2PM

Join us in celebrating green art, green technology, green planting and green food! There will be children’s green art projects, gallery tours, information about organic farms in Westchester, planning your own vegetable or creative living garden, and introducing sustainable, beautiful, native plants into your own yard. Art projects, tours of the exhibition, and artist demonstrations for people of all ages! Free!

The OSilas Gallery is privileged to co-sponsor this event with the Bronxville Green Committee and the Eastchester Environmental Committee.