Murmuration Collective: Collaborative and autonomous works by Mia Brownell, Cristina de Gennaro, Patricia Miranda, Sasha Kopelowitz, and Tricia Wright

May 9 - June 27, 2015

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Artist collectives have long offered productive collaborative spaces for artists to gather, to exchange ideas, knowledge and inspiration. The Murmuration Collective is five women artists who have been meeting regularly for several years to discuss, critique, explore and innovate. Out of this comes connection, community, strong friendship, and now, collaborative art. For this exhibition the artists worked on several collaborative projects- the first created by rotating works to and from each artist; another generated from contributions of materials from each artist; and a final project deconstructing and reconstructing a large object together to create a new collaborative work. The first two projects were worked on separately in the individual studio and shared during meetings, the final was created together and apart over multiple meetings. Alongside the collaborations the artists will exhibit individual works, furthering a dialogue between the autonomous and collaborative connections and conversations the artists have shared over the years.

Murmuration Collective Artists: Cristina De Gennaro, Patricia Miranda, Mia Brownell, Sasha Kopelowitz, Tricia Wright