Domestic Animal; Crow, 2012, antique linen, feathers, metal hardware, glass crystal, nylon, 10 x 10 x 10 inches (presentation box dimensions)

Tricia Wright was born and raised in England and attended art school in London, where she lived before relocating to New York in 1999. She divides her time between NYC and her studio in upstate New York. Her works are in museum, corporate, and private collections in the UK and the US; she is represented in New York by Kenise Barnes Fine Art, and Exhibit A Contemporary Art.
Much of my practice centers on the private sphere of the domestic interior, which serves as a platform from which to explore broader ideas of time, identity, labor, and class. The materials I use are commonplace, associated with the domestic environment; these materials have little or no cultural value, are considered trivial, and generally associated with women. I employ these decorative materials in formalist ways, colliding domestic space with formalist space, and sometimes parodying formalist concerns. Pattern and ornament play an important role in my work, they have personal resonance for me that connects to my experience growing up in an Irish/English culture with a long decorative tradition. My work moves between painting, painting-based assemblage, three-dimensional, and photographic work.
Being part of a collaborative group is both nurturing and challenging in equal measure. Our meetings began initially as a place to share new ideas and discuss work in progress; this has evolved into active collaboration, which at times takes all of us out of our comfort zone. For me, the direct interaction with another artist’s ideas and/or materials has been rewarding and more enjoyable than I might have imagined. Prior to this I had no collaborative experience—I am a studio artist of the most solitary kind—but this process has impacted my own practice in ways that have surprised me and opened up new and unexpected possibilities. We are a group of artists with very different life experience, background, and practice; where we come together is over core values and a respect for one another’s work and areas of interest. It is also enormously gratifying to have a friendship with such interesting and thoughtful women.