L/inked: a collaboration between artists, insects and oak trees

December 6, 2014 - January 24, 2015

I received an Individual Artist Grant from Artswestchester in 2014 to collect and forage for oak galls, and to collaborate in collection, making ink, collaborating on drawings in small groups, creating a catalog with the help of three Purchase College students from Brooke Singer's class, and finally exhibiting the project at MAPSpace. Lots more info needs to be here- yet due to the usual demands on an artist it is not. I would love to continue this project in the future. reach out if you would too.


Artists: Patricia Miranda, Judith Brisson, Leah CarolineEllie IronsKatherine Jackson,Martin KruckEric Jiaju LeeJill LondonKaren SchiffWendy SmallPatty Spergel


Download the project catalog here.


This project was supported by an Arts Alive Individual Artist Grant sponsored by ArtsWestchester and NYSCA (NY State Council on the Arts) received by Patricia Miranda for this project.


Ten artists artists joined me in the project, creating autonomous and collaborative drawings over a period of three months using ink created from oak galls foraged and collected from nature centers and private trees around the country. We documented the progress and the places where the oak galls were collected. Satellite projects are beginning to happen around the country- email if you are interested in joining in.


The project has expanded to satellite inkers in Texas, Long Island, Massachusetts and beyond. Galls have been collected from Massachusetts Audubon, Rye Nature CenterGreenburgh Nature Center, and private property around the country. 


Contact Patricia to join in the project.