Art in Odd Places
October 13-15

Christopher Kaczmarek and I have worked together as mutual art support for many years. This year we will embark on our first full collaboration for the always amazing Art in Odd Places, the yearly arts festival presenting visual and performance art in unexpected public spaces along 14th street in NYC.
Come dance and walk with us!

A dress is a living architecture of the body, one that frames, accentuates, shapes, alters, and adorns the human form. Using repurposed orange construction materials in the form of an oversize traditional hoop skirt, ___ will carve out an extravagant altered constructed body moving through public space. The bright orange materials nod to the ongoing construction of New York City and of all bodies as they move through time and place. The skirt references textile and architectural histories that reshape physical space, and their use to experience autonomy as well as repression.

We are excited to be amongst this crowd of fantastic artists!

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