Liminal: Lou Hicks & Teresa Waterman

February 21-  April 4, 2015

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Liminal is defined by the OED as; of or pertaining to the threshold or initial stage of a process. Both Hicks and Waterman employ an intuitive and introspective vision to explore the threshold of visual perception. They record the peripheral, interstitial spaces, glimpses caught at a glance, more sensation than fully there. Their abstract works on paper are spare and minimal yet pulse with a sensuality. They capture an ephemeral materiality in the subtleties of our everyday environments. At 83 years old, Lou Hicks maintains an active painting and printmaking practice. Known mainly for her large beefy abstract oil paintings, she has a large body of delicate prints that follow a subtle note alongside the paintings. Her prints suggest, rather than define, creating a mood of peaceful contemplation. Waterman’s works on paper use suggestion as a language itself, pointing the viewer to an ethereal space beyond direct vision. They are deceptively quiet, catching you as you pass and compelling you to return to investigate, to puzzle out their mysterious landscape.    

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Lou Hicks, A Gray Tree, 2014, print

Lou Hicks, Shapes, 2014, print

Teresa Waterman, Untitled, 2014, mixed media on paper

Teresa Waterman, Untitled, 2014, mixed media on paper