Patricia Miranda

Ode to Jyoti, 2015, red clay, graphite on antique indian ledger, 72" x 6.75" unfolded

I asked these four artists, whose work I had long respected, if they would join me in creating an artists’ group, to share work, critiques, and artistic ideas. Having consistent feedback and support in what is often a solitary life of art-making quickly became invaluable. The nature of the group grew over time into deeper friendships and commitments to each other as artists and as friends. Our interest naturally grew from the sharing of individual ideas into the idea of creating artwork together over three years of regular meetings. Climbing inside another person’s artistic ideas offers a challenge and opportunity, to respond in your own voice, to see beyond your usual trajectory, is like learning to dance- discovering when to lead and when to yield, to intervene and to let the other person’s choices stand. Making art is an intimate exploration, these incredible artists have been generous and critical collaborators, and have made this experiment a rewarding new way to create art.