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Ice Cream Social is excited to present its inaugural group exhibition, Terrarium. It will feature work from 24 artists, spanning across a spectrum of sizes and mediums, including painting, photography, sculpture, fiber, and site-specific installations. Terrarium examines growth in all of its confounding forms, inside and outside of containment, managed and wild, protected and exposed. The works speak of growth that sometimes requires destruction or thorny discoveries. They emphasize the natural world’s proclivity to reconstruct, and the marks that changes leave behind. New presences, species, ideas, or generations may emerge, but they always retain a familiarity and irrevocable connection to what preceded them. There, a cyclical and self-nourishing system persists.

Lace and weavings engulf the unique cage gallery space at Ice Cream Social, even sprawling through to the outside of their container. Suspended paintings are backlit by window light while some hang low to the floor, thus encouraging the viewer to explore at an intimate level. Bright and saturated colors create a color scheme evocative of poisonous jungle amphibians, which are balanced with fleshy neutrals in neighboring works. Solid sculptural figures invite viewers toward the interior of the cage. The space even provides a rare opportunity to view the reverse side of some works, through the chain-link walls. The resulting vision is an unfurling collection that is both revealing and secret-bearing.

Terrarium features work by Amanda L. Andrei, Adina Andrus, Steven Baboun, Sibley Barlow, Kristian Battell, Jenn Cacciola, Nicki Cherry, Lindsy Davis, Natalie Jauregui-Ortiz, Ruth Jeyaveeran, Susan Luss, Patricia Miranda, Jumana Mograbi, Taya Naumovich, Dana O'Malley, Allison Panzironi, Anya Rosen, Tavia Sanza, Manju Shandler, Kayo Shido, Lilian Shtereva, Theo Trotter, Sarah Valeri, and Robert Zurer.